Westfield Vancouver Mall

Address: 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr
Phone: (360) 892-6255
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Category: Mall
Check Ins: 9893


  • kerry jeffrey

    Two words: Pretzel Kiosk.
  • Terrance Norman

    I liked the mall better back in the day when it still had its home town feel to it with the local shops that it used to have. Now it is just like any other mall across the country.
  • Jermaine

    If you are ever feeling down, not happy with who you are, sit in the food court and people watch...you'll be smiling in no time :-)
  • Kasey Eldred

    Pearl tea is the bomb!!!! Go get one now. :) and some panda express.
  • Westfield Vancouver Mall

    Best Theater in the NW
  • Jeri Deans-Fougere

    Panda express rocks!!!
  • Kara Callaway

    Avoid mall security -.-
  • Emma Kate

    The new restaurant Sushi Express is EPIC!!!
  • Dan Knaus

    Orange Julius is good!
  • Vicki Hall

    Like Mongolian Grill, try it.
  • Ginger Britten

    Yes, @Mitch C. I also like the name Vancouver Mall better.
  • serg bodganov

    2 words: Braganza Tea
  • Mitch Colangelo

    I liked the name Vancouver Mall better
  • Charles Nash

    They have a Guess store here now!
  • Rob Good

    Yes like the name vancouver mall better
  • Justin Reaves

    Thank you Westfield Mall for our gift!
  • Levi Rains

    lots of swag kids here
  • Troy G

    Got kids? Family friendly restroom in Food Court area!
  • Shawn Rainey

    Bathrooms are always clean!
  • Alexis Paulin

    Let the kids play! They be nice and ready for a nap later.
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