24 Hour Fitness

Address: 800 S.E. Tech Center Drive
Phone: (360) 514-8381
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Category: Gym / Fitness Center
Check Ins: 5359


  • Yuriy Kopitko

    Don't be a douche
  • Amanda Sue

    Deodorant people, seriously!
  • Addison Schahfer

    Best time is From midnight until about 5am. no one is there.
  • Kyle Ward

    Great late night work outs! - I swim everyday and you're golden after 10pm! (no crowd)
  • Paul Stone

    If you use the weights, put it BACK!
  • Skatie Kat

    Parking is super lame. Leave 15 minutes early and be prepared to drive around in circles.
  • Tony Dangerfield

    some of the yoga teachers here don't know down dog from dog biscuit
  • Daniel Torres

    Meh. The equipment is out of date, the staff is fairly unfriendly, the facility is large but rundown. However, the location is convenient. Overall, I'd have to give it 3 outta 5 stars.
  • Liza

    In the pool: keep an eye on your boogie board, stupid people take them into the sauna to sit on.
  • Taylor Lineberger

    Come on Saturday evenings, almost no one around!
  • Richard Liu

    Come on the early morning yo beat crowds.
  • Bonnie Stanfill

    Don't forget your water, towel or headphones... they are expensive. However, with quick pay password you save 10% so that's helpful.
  • John Doe

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  • Timothy Ringering

    I died and came back to life in the sauna yesterday. Epic!
  • Valorie Nickel

    Late morning is surprisingly busy. Lunch time seems to have cleared it out quite a bit though.
  • Hai Huynh

    Watch out for silverbacks. They like to use machines in unconventional ways and like to hover.
  • Timothy Ringering

    If you want a good game of basketball, come at 10:00AM. Good ball.
  • Josh Ramey

    Do the bootcamp class. It's the best
  • Hai Huynh

    Be prepared to put back other people's weights.
  • Mark F

    Get there between 9am-3pm and the gym is only 1/2 full.
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