Clark College

Address: 1933 Fort Vancouver Way
Phone: (360) 699-6398
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Category: Community College
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  • Evelyn Varga

    Remember that @5:30pm you can park in faculty!
  • kerry jeffrey

    If you're planning on visiting the Financial Aid, bring a book...
  • Rowan Johnson

    Check out the cafe in Hanna Hall. The fun flavors of mochas and lattes are awesome! My favorite is Reese's :3
  • Matt Owens

    college isn't spelled with an A
  • Aleksi Lepist

    Get here early if you need to find parking. It can get really bad. Fridays are light and as the quarter goes on spaces open up as people drop out.
  • Jesus R

    If you take the bus be sure to stop by the Security office or the bookstore for a pass that will last u all Quarter.
  • Ryan Thornton

    Get to school early to get a good parking spot! You will drive around forever and waste gas if you don't.
  • Steven Manning

    There's a cafe in Hanna Hall, a cafe in Joan Stout Hall, and a cafe in Bauer Hall. Charge yourself up before class!!!
  • tyrone spencer

    If you know what classes you'll be taking, reserve and pay for books on line asap for the next quarter for pick up in the bookstore before there are none!
  • Corey Dobbs

    Free stuff every so often for students
  • Chris Burns

    Cafeteria takes only cash, but the bookstore has snacks and wraps if you miss the cafeteria, and PLUS they take cards...
  • Cambryn Courson

    Use cash only in cafeteria :-/
  • Ryan Skordahl

    Don't come here..... ever
  • Benjamin Woodruff

    Don't take Intro to Design, PHSC/ENGR 104, unless you like building useless crap and want to show your 100 steps in writings and sketches.
  • Taylor Searing

    campus security is AMAZING! I was ready to call a locksmith after locking keys in my car and happened to go to the security office first. they got into my car quickly and for free!
  • Sean Janson

    Soccer matches are Wed and Sat in the Fall
  • christopher britt

    Check Out Couvapalooza Every August
  • Jake J

    Good news: Wifi for students! Bad news: It doesn't save your login, don't let your device lock until you are done!
  • Sean Janson

    Watch a Volcanoes Game!
  • Kurtis Stalnaker

    come to the helpdesk in aa4 room 110 to have us fix your computer for free!
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