Address: 8500 NE Vancouver Mall Drive
Phone: (360) 448-4100
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Category: Movie Theater
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  • Cheryn

    Be aware that the Living Room theaters are the balcony seating in the grand auditorium at this Cinetopia. The atmos sound system is A-mazing. Plus 50 beers on tap at Brewtopia (:
  • Amanda Kuper

    False advertising. One row of living room chairs attached to regular theater.
  • Morgan Vilhauer

    Love the Movie Parlors! I won't see a movie anywhere else now! Get here early on the weekends though because the theater fills up quickly!
  • Celso Orange Tree

    This place sucks. Go to Mill Plain location instead.
  • Brandon McGee

    There aren't stairs inside the theatre, so have fun riding the elevator!
  • Michael Poley

    Yeah, it costs $100 to see a movie, but it's the best theater you'll ever visit.
  • Scott Carroll

    Great faculty, great service, good food.
  • Sitha P

    Sunday is all day happy hour at the bar.
  • Cactus Jack

    This is the best theater around!! I will only go here from now on!
  • Laura Beecher

    The menu changed and makes you spend more for pretty much the same as before. Fries don't come with sands or you pay by toppings on burgers. Sneak food in or eat at the food court. #ripoff
  • Kemper B

    Got popcorn and it was stale, took it back and asked for fresh popcorn and got stale popcorn again!
  • Jeremy

    Irritated they changed the menu. And raised the prices despite what they say. I come here enough to know that they got rid of some great menu items, kept the cruddy ones and upped the price. Too bad.
  • Ezechel Trifan

    Don't go to the living room at this location, unless you care to drink alcohol. The living rooms are balconies in the back of the big auditorium and sound and image quality is not the best from there
  • Erik Witcraft AIFD

    This place is plush! Try the parlors!!! Chic and comfortable
  • Emily Charleston

    This place is not well-staffed and lacks in customer service. For how expensive they are, you'd think they'd have it together.
  • Midnight Monkey

    Theater 16 at #Cinetpoia Vancouver Mall is the ultimate movie experience!
  • Nancie W

    Parlors are great for a child free movie experience. Just make sure you get one that is 21 and over!
  • Levi Rains

    The seats made my butt hurt
  • Quonji

    Park by JC Penny head up escalator if you are planning any 21 and older activity as their flaw is no elevator/escalator inside
  • Lynn Schell

    Go for the Parlor. Totally worth the $.
  • Brandon Burger

    No floor connections. Normal theatre seats are the most uncomfortable seats ever.
  • Rachel L

    The truth is that the theatre is split in 2/3...and 1/3 is the livng room section only to be reached by elev. Lame.
  • Matthew Trotter

    Worst Cinetopia ever. Lazy, unhelpful staff. False advertising (Living Room isn't a living room, it's a balcony). GM hasn't responded to my email after a month. Wouldn't go here if life depended on it
  • Jerry Livengood

    Use Groupon to get your value's worth.
  • Kyle O'Campo

    Skip the slushy! And hit up the parlor!
  • Amethyst Washburn

    Movie parlor amazing!!
  • Nathan ya know

    Get there an hour early if u want the top row. They only take orders once.
  • Shawn Booze

    Went to Brewtopia. It was too bright for a bar but it was nice.
  • Ashley Panian

    They changed their food specs. What once was a decent dea is now a terrible ripoff! S18 nacho that was TINY! So disappointed!
  • Scott Gage

    Love this theater! Don't like walking in for the show and the 3 employees standing adjacent to the ticket checking area couldn't care about tickets. So we walked in unchecked.
  • Manda Watts

    Love the movie parlors!
  • Phillip Clark

    Gravity is an Awesome movie well worth seeing in 3D. And this place has a way better sound system then the Beaverton cinetopia.
  • kristyn

    unless youre going solely for the GXL screen, dont bother with anything other than a Movie Parlor. smaller screen, but you get what you pay for in comfort in the Movie Parlors.
  • Bryan Tosh

    Just go and thank me later.
  • Ginger Britten

    Here with my hubby. First time here.
  • Mike Darcy

    Check your bill because they add gratuity to your bill.
  • Kristina Pascual

    This specific location features grand stadium seating, GXL (70-80ft screens) stadium seating, SKYBOX (in grand & GXL) style 21+ Living Room seating, and most luxurious 21+ & All ages Movie Parlors!
  • Cheryn

    Love the movie parlor. Wish there was an escalator INSIDE the theater. Huge design flaw.
  • Todd Hartsfield

    Mill Plain location is better... Mill Plain has bigger living room theater section.
  • Midnight Monkey

    Double check your bill. The register's charging more than the menu.
  • Midnight Monkey

    Don't ask to taste any of the beers before you decide. They charge $2.25 for each taste! And you still can't take it into the living room theater.
  • John Yarger

    Theaters 1-12 are downstairs & 13-23 are upstairs. Bathrooms are a challenge to find because the aren't marked yet. (too new)
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